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Bud came out with throwback crates for the holidays. And we started talking about why Budweiser makes beer. The answer was simple and we didn't want to overcomplicate it:


And after the family time, the holidays have always been about getting together. With your close friends. Your true friends. Your best friends. One could argue they are the greatest relationships on earth. We build and grow these amazing bonds when we are young. Then college comes along, and life starts to set in. Friends move away and for the first time “the crew” has been separated from their regular excursions. We soon calculate the time it’s been since we last all got together and it’s shocking how quickly the years have gone by. Coming home for the holidays now has an elevated importance.

Phase 1


To kick off the campaign, we went looking for the best friendships in America on social. It all started by asking people who they would like to get a drink with over the holidays.

We put together the best submissions and ran it on broadcast and social. The spot ran during every Sunday football game and was the 7th largest media buy in the world.

Phase 2


Over skype, we interviewed over 200 friends and set out to find the tightest group in America, then reunited them for one big night.

Scroll down to see how we made it all happen by reaching out to America on social & broadcast.

Here are just a few of the social content pieces that called for entries

to round up your #holidaybuds

Budweiser Holiday- Hype
The Magical Crate
Family Portrait
The Handover
Times Square #holidaybuds

Targeted Content

We also tweaked the creative by City, to feature local imagery. For example, this was for Chicago.

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