we've ridden with the best of them.

500,623 ideas - 343,153 scripts - 120 pitches - 83 brands - 32 agencies - 6 different career paths - 1 vision from everything we've learned along the way:

Be honest. Be nice. Be simple. Be good. The bigger the trust tree, the better the creative. Don’t be too precious with an idea. Just think of the next one. Pay attention to what the kids are doing. In fact, be the kid. Sometimes you have to go to a big presentation without sleeping. Sometimes you have to call it a night before you kill each other. Always put in the time, but don’t ruin it by over-thinking.

Love the people you work with.


No really, it's "simple". We’ve been doing this long enough to know a good idea when we see one. (both you and us) And we just want to give you good ones. Throughout our careers, we’ve seen so many good ideas die for stupid reasons. Overthinking. Underthinking. Too many middle men. Bad Communication. Bad budget allocation. And we know people are tired of dealing with someone who's twice removed from the people who understand your brand. We are too. 

so here's what we're thinking

We have an idea. You like it. We make it.

oh and one more thing

The creatives who do the actual work, are the people who run the company.  (You’d be surprised how many times your million dollar company has actually been in the hands of a junior copywriter who started 3 weeks ago.) So we're in this together for the whole ride.


Leigh Masters

Co-FOUNDER | creative | DIRECTOR | Producer

Leigh has worked in New York for the past 11 years at some of the most awarded agencies in advertising. She's lead creative for brands like Budweiser, Corona, Comedy Central, Carhartt, JCPenney, and Google to name a few. 

She's a midwesterner, born in Michigan raised on POP TARTS and Honey Nut Cheerios. She's an only child in a large family of 16 boy cousins, so needless to say she's a bit of a tom boy. She loves skiing, traveling to places that make her uncomfortable, video games, paddleboarding, golf, grilled cheese sandwiches, and Steve Winwood.

The worst thing she's ever done is push her husband John (below) over in a completely clean, unused porter potty.


john angelopulos

Co-FOUNDER | creative | writer | director 

Born and raised on the north shore of Boston, John may have lost most of his accent over the years, but he has had the great opportunity to shape some wicked pissah brands - Bud Light, Weber Grills, Brooklyn Nets, Corona, and AirTran Airlines are some of big the ones.

John grew up swimming in trash barrels filled with olives in the back of his grandfather's Greek catering company. Today, when he's not eating lamb, thinking of ideas and writing, he's up at 5:30am on his way to Vail to get more days on the mountain than his buddies. This means you, Mike Fontenot.

The worst thing he's ever done was at age six. At a church assembly, the priest asked a group of Sunday school kids, "who's Jesus Christ?" John raised his hand and explained, "Jesus Christ is when you walk into the ocean and it's really cold and you say, 'Jesus Christ the water's cold.'" 


ryan hoelting

design director

If you don't mess with Texas, then you definitely don't mess with Ryan's eye for design. 

Over a decade ago, when he was done selling posters and following bands around, his parents, Floyd and Joellen, told him to get his act together. They really had no idea that he'd turn out this good. 5 Cannes Lions later, his work speaks for itself.

The only thing Ryan knows better than Adobe Illustrator is how to strike up great conversations with strangers. Seriously, he's the best.


bryon friedman

SEO GURU | Musician | Producer

Raised in the silicon slopes of Park City, Utah, Bryon spent most of his time in a skin tight suit training to become an American Downhiller. When ski racing at 90mph became too monotonous, he decided he wanted to work in a more creative field. 

His current favorite band is Vulfpeck (Joe Dart rules). He loves outdoor anything especially if it involves adrenaline and expensive apparati. And he’s constantly taste testing for the perfect chocolate chip cookies. 

Post skiing Bryon started writing songs, producing records, and scoring inspirational films for the brand Carhartt. He currently plays and writes with former Allman Brothers Keyboardist,Johnny Neel. 

The worst thing he’s ever done is memorize the wrong Haftorah (a one hour prayer) for his Bar-Mitzvah. Realizing the mistake weeks before he was to become a man, Bryon pre-manned up, and memorized the right one. 


sean deveaux

head of production, la

After delivering a baby as a fireman in Northern California by the age of 23, Sean decided to take his talents to the City of Angels and try his fortune in acting. A few months after his arrival he landed a scholarship at the Howard Fine Acting Studio. Following his acting career, Sean quickly transitioned into a producer focusing on television, films and commercials. His film and television credits are: 2nd AD on DOPE, The Best Thanksgiving Ever, John Rambo, 16 Blocks and commercial brands: Weber, NFL, Gamefly, Sunsilk to name a few.

When Sean isn’t creating content he likes to spend his free time traveling, designing, hiking, skiing, trying new restaurants and making his one of kind dessert coming to a shop near you.